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10 things to remember when organising a kid’s party

Published by September 5, 2014
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Organising kids parties perth style is the best way to let the inner child in you go to play.


Kids are not complicated people so planning their parties is less stressful than planning a party for adults, who can judge you very harshly if your party does not meet their advanced pallets and sometimes expensive tastes.

The following are things to remember when planning kid’s parties

1) Age

Different ages enjoy different themes for their parties. Remember to keep in mind a child’s age when organising a kids party can give a great outcome.

2) Food

Food is a very vital part when it comes to any party. Be sure to ask the child what they and their friends would love to have for food at the party.

3) Kids with allergies

Always ask the parents of the other kids attending the party if their kids are allergic to anything. This will make sure that no one falls ill during the party because this will ruin the mood.

4) Fun

All kids love to have fun. Remember to incorporate a lot of fun activities and the party will be the talk of the town.

5) Planning

For success of anything including kids parties perth, proper planning ahead of time will greatly reduce your stress. It will also make sure that everything gets achieved and nothing is forgotten. Last minute planning can lead to a lot of stress and strain.

6) Choosing who to invite

Most of the time, parents forget that the party is actually meant for the child. Including them when sending the invitations is a very important. They will let you know who their best mates are, so that you can give them first priority.

7) Gate keeper

Most of the time, parents drop off their kids and you will be left with the responsibility of making sure they have fun as well as protection. Sometimes kids can wander off and go missing. To prevent this, have an adult friend help you make sure that no kids leave the premises.

8) Photos

Kid?s parties are memories to be treasured for the rest of their lives. Remember to have a photo session or simply take photos when the kids are engaged in various activities.

9) Catering for adult guests

If there will be adults present at the party, organize a separate area not far from their kids, where they can be entertained .This will ensure that they give ample time for the kids to enjoy themselves without interference.

10) Themes

Whatever you do, please stick to the theme you agreed with your child. If you decide on Dora the Explorer please do not forget and do with Elmo thinking your child will not notice. Kids take these themes so seriously.

With the above simple pointers, your kids parties perth will surely be a great success.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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