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6 Great Tips for Entertaining Parents at Kids’ Party Venues in Melbourne

Published by January 18, 2016
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You may wrongly assume that kids parties are just for the children and their parents have no part in it. However, the reality is, no matter how much disinterested parents may appear in their kid’s activities, they really do want to have good time too. Otherwise, they will always dread that yearly ritual when they have to stand around like zombies, while their children have the best time of their lives.

To help you out, here are some great tips to help you entertain parents at kids party venues .

  1. Whimsical Party Hats

Just to make everyone get into the party mood, make sure that you also have some tastefully designed party hats for the parents. Even if you do nothing else for them, they will at least feel that they are part of the event. Moreover, they too will have a memorable souvenir of that special event long after it ends.

  1. Signing the Mile-marker

If you design a large cardboard indicating the age of the birthday boy or girl, everyone can sign it, including the parents. The kids will write, draw, or scribble all over it with their special birthday wishes. Then, while those kids are enjoying themselves through the event, you can get the parents to write down their special birthday wishes.

Once all the celebrations are through, that mile-marker will be a wonderful keepsake for the birthday boy/ girl. It will remind him/ her of that extraordinary time and the special people who attended the event.

  1. Photo With The Kids

No party is ever really over without that memorable photo shoot. Once the kids are done with all the fun and games, a wrap-up photo shoot is in order, apart from the numerous others taken throughout the event. Let the kids gather around with their parents for that final picture.

  1. Clowns

If you had no idea, you should realize that clowns speak a universal language that resonates with all kinds of people – kids as well as adults. That language is laughter and honestly, no one can ever resist it. Just wait until that clown performs all those amazing tricks and you’ll not miss smiles all around the parents’ faces. If anything, it will bring back fond memories of when they too were mesmerized by the “buffoon” in hilarious costumes.

  1. A Separate Television Room

By now, this should be the standard procedure for any kids’ party that involves parents – a separate television room. However, you should be keen on finding out what type of programming is agreeable to all or at least most of the parents. If not, you risk putting them off, instead of entertaining them.

  1. Break The Ice

What is worse than parents standing around looking like zombies? Standing around looking like zombies with people they hardly know.

If you notice the adults hardly chatting with one another or sticking to tiny groups, it just must be your duty to break the ice. Try introducing each parent to the rest of the group. You can do it formally or informally, by approaching each one in an unassuming, conversational manner.

These are just a few pointers that can help you come up with many more ideas for entertaining parents at kids party venues .

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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