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A Guide to Planning a Fete in Melbourne

Published by November 27, 2017

Planning a Fete in Melbourne

Start with a Plan

Select a committee with like-minded people, discuss dates, themes, objectives, a budget, a

timeline, marketing and write up a plan . Delegate tasks, to either individuals or small groups of 2 or 3 committee members, monitor the plan and record the details for future reference. Having a common goal like refurbishing the playground, will keep the school community motivated.

What’s in a Name?

Although the event might be the annual ‘school fete’ with usual content like food stalls, bric a brac, and amusement rides, the name of your event should reflect the theme and suggest fun and excitement. For example, seasonal names like Spring Fair, in the evening, Twilight Fair or Sundowner. Other suggestions – Funfair, Funfest, Carnival. Just be sure it lives up to its name and be wary of using terms like Monster or Mega Fair unless that’s what it is going to be!

Select a Date

Do a bit of research, then prepare a short list of suitable dates that do not conflict with existing events. Check things like school camps, major sporting events, finals for social sporting fixtures like netball and football and other school and community fetes and fairs. It is vital to the success of your event that the date does not clash with something that will affect sourcing sponsorship, amusement ride and food van suppliers or affect attendance. Put as many days between your event date and others as possible. For the same reasons try to avoid the historically popular months of September and October when big agricultural shows and outdoor festivals are held.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise.

Start planning early, start advertising early, and advertise often. Signs up around the school drop off zone, and the school newsletter are the obvious ways to keep reminding parents about the fete. Get an ad in other local newsletters in your area like playgroups, seniors groups, the local library, on the local council website and in the community newspaper. Put signs up in shop windows, community notice boards, and use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc, especially if the school has its own page. Even approach other schools to advertise in their newsletters as long as the dates don’t conflict.

One more thing, don’t forget to get the GymBus for your event. A supervisor will monitor groups of up to 20 children aged from 3 to about 12 years for approximately 5 minutes of physically active play. Once you have hired the GymBus, you can decide on the entry fee, how to collect payment and best of all, you keep all the profits.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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