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A Movie Night for a Children’s Birthday Party

Published by April 14, 2017
Children's Birthday Party

Children's Birthday Party

Children of all ages love watching movies, at the cinema, a DVD, on Netflix, on Fox or downloaded onto a mobile device. But have you ever thought of replicating the cinema experience at home for a children’s birthday party?

While many children’s birthday party ideas are age specific, a movie night can be adapted to almost any age by simply showing the right movie. Choose your movie, then, using cinema ads in the newspaper or at the box office as a guide, design your invitations like an ad for a movie – e.g. Name of the movie or movies, Now Showing at ( address) at ( time ), starring ( birthday child’s name ) co-starring ( guests name ) etc…

For younger children, aged from say 4-10 years, gather the materials to make “cars” to simulate a “drive in”. Start with a cardboard box for each child, or 1 for 2 children if the boxes are big enough. You’ll also need paper plates to make wheels and steering wheels, paints, brushes, textas, wrapping paper and glue. Gather some old adult t- shirts for the children to wear to protect their clothing, or buy t-shirts cheaply from Good Sam’s or Red Cross stores. Then set the children the task of making their cars for the drive-in. For older children’s birthday parties or even teenagers, gather deck chairs to set up in rows like an outdoor cinema, or for a simpler option, picnic blankets, floor cushions, and pillows.

Meanwhile, prepare the sort of food typically available at the movies. Choc bombs, store-bought or home-made popcorn, milkshakes or soft drink, pigs-in-blankets, maybe some Jaffas or Maltesers. This is much easier to prepare than typical children’s birthday party food. To set a more authentic scene, purchase the same containers used at the cinemas. Either have individual packs made up for each child or stop the movie at intervals and have the food on hand shop-style, so the kids can choose what they want.

Have a couple of movies on hand for the children to choose from and go with the majority choice. The movie can be shown on a large indoor TV or you may have a cinema room, lucky you. Personally, I think an outdoor movie is a more unique experience for a children’s birthday party and easier to clean up afterwards. Use a garage door or any large flat area or hire a projector and screen.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, this could determine whether you choose a cinema or outdoor cinema experience for your children’s birthday party. Have fun!

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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