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Awesome One Minute Game Ideas for Kids Birthday

Published by July 29, 2019
one minute games

Children love to spend their time with their friends, while at school or at home. Be that as it may, kids have a limited capacity to focus, and can rapidly lose enthusiasm for a specific game, after they have played it for some time. Fortunately, there are numerous one-minute games for kids birthday parties for children to appreciate in the comfort of their homes. They can play these short amusements that are fascinating and connect with them for a more extended time.

Coin game

Stack it Up

  • A straightforward stacking game with something we as a whole have in our wallets which are coins.
  • A couple of youngsters can play at once.
  • Give every youngster a little bowl of coins of a similar size.
  • The kids need to stack the same number of coins as they can, each one in turn, to make a tower in just one minute.
  • The youngster who can stack the greater number coins without letting the tower fall will be the winner.


Straw and Pom-pom challenge

  • Draw a start and end line on a table or on the floor.
  • Spot start line with pompoms and give the straws to the players.
  • They should blow the straws to push the pompoms towards the end line.

Ice picking game

Ice picking game

  • In this game you will need two bowls, ice cubes, and two knitting needles.
  • Put bunches of ice shapes in a single bowl and using the knitting needles the members should move them starting with one bowl to another.
  • In a period of one minute, whoever transfers the greater amount of ice cubes to the bowl is the winner.

Stack attack

  • This games only needs 36 plastic drinking cups.
  • Have the kid in front of the table with the stacked cups.
  • The player needs to begin stacking the cups in the state of a pyramid, like putting the eight cups at the base, until there is one cup left at the top.
  • When the pyramid is assembled, the player needs to deconstruct it beginning with the single cup at the top pursued by the cups in the askew segment, from left to right.
  • At the point when the player is left with one cup, they rapidly begin again to construct the pyramid.
  • The objective is to build and deconstruct the pyramid whatever number occasions as could be expected under the circumstances without thumping the cups or the tower at the same time.


  • You will need sketch pens and drawing sheets that are plain white.
  • In a span of one minute, each child has to draw on the sheet and the other kids have to guess what the picture is.

Chopstick game

  • Mix all the pieces of cut shapes of numbers, letters, and various shapes and set them to a side. Give the children a couple of chopsticks each.
  • Players segregate the blended letters, numbers and shapes.
  • Set the three bowls to be filled with numbers, letters, or shapes on the table
  • The kids need to utilize their chopsticks and place pieces in the proper bowl.
  • The player who figures out how to isolate the most number of pieces utilizing just the chopsticks is the winner.

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