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Published by September 9, 2013

Bring out a balloon and children of all ages will smile. Knowing the risk of tears if there is a ?Big Bang? doesn’t stop them reaching out to touch, poke, chase and create games with friends. A balloon is to movement what tablets are to technology.


Is it the colours? The ?floating? dreamy like qualities? The textures? Do you wonder what happens if you give children only balloons and nothing else? Listen to the laughter on this video!

Dance and gymnastics, volleyball and tennis,?all the football?codes lose?their menace?and danger as children erupt into pure,?innocent?laughter. Rules are invented in an instant.?Changed a second later; with the only pause in the?game when the balloon burst with a loud bang! Replace the balloon and tears disappear.?Here are 30 great activities for children and balloons!


Don?t ever be stuck with bored children; every parent must have a secret stash of balloon. It has to be secret, or kids will help themselves when you least expect it!

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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