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Where you hold your kid?s birthday party determines the type of day the Birthday Child will have. Will your daughter remember forever the clown who terrified her all afternoon, or the games she and her friends enjoyed? Will Mr. Seven invite his whole soccer team to the location you feel will be the easiest place to host a boy?s birthday? Children?s party venues tend to be a little conservative for this reason; it's difficult to choose a place where the Birthday Child and their guests can enjoy their time together. It is not a choice which is ?ok? if it caters to the majority. It is important to have a psychologically safe, child coloured space which is specifically designed to the needs of the party goer. Little things make a difference. Door handles that allow or prevent entry / exit to particular spaces, toilet and washroom facilities that cater to children with lower facilities, wet area floors that are not slippery, whilst always clean. There should be friendly fun furniture and toys or games for children waiting for parents or other guests to arrive. At the same time, adults who may attend or stay to view the party need to be accommodated in a welcoming manner that doesn?t take away from the Star of the Show. Drinks and snacks are a good distraction and may be a clear boundary as to who is allowed where.

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