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Checklist of “Must Do’s for a Children’s Birthday Extravaganza

Published by September 27, 2017

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Timing – the younger the children are the shorter the duration of the party. Even though 3-5 year olds take longer to organise at a party their concentration span is shorter so 1 -3/4 hour party is usually long enough. Broken down into 15 minutes meet and greet, 45 minutes play or entertainment, 20 minutes for food, 15 minutes for the cake because almost all the kids will want a turn at blowing out the candles, and 10 minutes for round up and collection. For older children, 2 hours is good, allowing 1 hour for play or perhaps formal entertainment like a magician or the GymBus.

Party Day – have a backup plan for rain if you’re having an outdoor party at home or at a park. Be sure to have all your guests contact details for last minute changes like if the birthday child wakes up with gastro! In the days leading up to the party, make up a contact list for parents in case of emergencies like injuries or allergic reaction to you party food!

Presents – have a conversation with your birthday child about the gracious acceptance of gifts, to smile and say Thank you. Plan to put the gifts on a present table to be opened after the party. This prevents all the children getting involved with the opening of the presents and also prevents presents getting broken before the birthday child has had a chance to enjoy them.

Pets – children can be unintentionally cruel, so protect your pets on party day. Some children may be afraid of dogs or chooks or get bitten by your talking parrot. Perhaps arrange to keep your pets out of harms way by putting your pet in a “no go area” or have a neighbour take care of them for a couple of hours.

GymBus has been doing Birthday Parties for over 20 years and creating memories that last a lifetime. For that perfect party check if GymBus is available and you’ll put a huge smile on everybody’s face!


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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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