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5 Essential Ingredients for a Children’s Birthday Party in Perth – No 1 The Food

Published by August 21, 2017
Planning a Feast

When we cater for a children’s birthday party in Perth, who are we really satisfying – the children, the parents or both. I suggest we should assume at least some adults will attend and generally speaking the younger the age of the guests, the more parents will stay.

If you want to be the perfect host, perhaps have a plate of pizza slices, sandwiches or sausage rolls, tea, coffee, or even a bottle or two of bubbly on hand to cater for those who would like a drink. However, be responsible in the supply of alcohol, remember the parent will probably be driving the child home later. If you are expecting a lot of parents to stay, have a helper just to look after the parents, while you attend to the children.

Planning a Feast

Whether you cater yourself or engage caterers, plan on a budget of between $10.00 – $20.00 per head. If you want to cater yourself, plan early. Decide on the number of guests, draw up a menu and start preparing at least 1 month out. Work out which menu items can be prepared over the coming weeks and frozen. Write your shopping list, and buy everything you need apart from those perishables, like fruit and veges, that you will buy fresh a day or two before the party. You can make and freeze sausage rolls, party pies, pizza slice, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits and slices, even the birthday cake. Thaw and decorate the day before the party.

The other option is to leave the catering to the professionals. There are many catering businesses in Perth that specialise in children’s birthday parties.

At for example they offer a large menu of party favourites including some healthy options for you to choose from. It’s attractively packaged in little boxes and labelled for each child.

party essential

Most Mums are so busy looking after our families on a daily basis. By planning and preparing

Childs Birthday Party

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