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Facts About Farts

Published by April 21, 2017
Facts about Farts

Facts about Farts

Kids have always found hiccups and burps funny, but nothing is funnier than a fart! In fact, people of all ages seem to be amused by this natural bodily function. Whether it’s accidental, or deliberate kids and adults alike are likely to be annoyed or embarrassed but most will laugh out loud.

However, how much do you actually know about farting other than they smell, they make a noise, and they come from your bum? So here are some facts you can surprise your family and friends with next time the subject comes up or should I say – comes out!

Males fart more than females

The word fart was first coined in 1962

The average person farts 14 times a day which is enough to fill a balloon

Farting is not something to be embarrassed about, it means your digestive tract is healthy. If you or your kids are not farting go to the doctor

Farts are made up of hydrogen sulphide, which reduces mitochondrial damage

Smelling farts can be healthy so the next time one of your family farts take a big deep breath and thank them

Female farts tend to be smellier than males because they contain more hydrogen sulphide.

A fart can travel as fast as 10 feet per second

A tight sphincter produces louder farts

Gum and soda drinks make you fart more, so if someone in your family chews gum and/or drinks soda – hide it from them. This is also why kids fart so much at birthday parties.

Most farts happen at night

Termites fart the most followed by camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants and dogs.

The next time when your family is falling about laughing because someone farted, educate them with one of these interesting facts!

Or if you’re hosting a kids birthday party and things are a little boring, try loading the kids up with soda drinks and stand back to watch the laughter explode. 🙂

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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