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Birthday Parties

What if I need to cancel the booking or change it?
  • Cancellations, rescheduling and alterations to a birthday party booking or holiday program booking will incur a charge of $77.00 (including GST) if these changes are made with at least 2 weeks notice from the date of the booking.
  • If a cancellation, reschedule or alteration to a birthday party booking occurs with less than 2 weeks notice, you will forfeit 50% of the total cost of the booking.
What if guests siblings want to join in as well?

The suggested maximum for the GymBus is 26, you can choose to have siblings join in as long as the total number does not exceed 26. Too many children of differing ages will detract from the birthday child?s enjoyment.

What if the bus doesn?t turn up?

In the unlikely circumstances that this might happen, we will refund your payment and do your party for FREE at the next convenient time!

What happens if the bus is late?

The GymBus will always stay for a full hour. Please allow up to 15 minute for unforeseen circumstances.

Can parents go on the bus?

Parents are more than welcome to go on the bus to take photos and join in. Room is limited, so only stay on board if needed.

What time should drop off/pick be on the invitations?

We recommend you ask your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the bus and then allow 45 minutes for food and cake after the bus has left.

Should I feed the children before they go on the bus?

No, it is best to feed them after the party. If you have booked a late party in the day, you could run it in reverse. Ask your guests to arrive at least 1 hour before the GymBus, have the party food first, followed by the GymBus activities then finish off the party with the Birthday cake etc. Please Note: we only advise this for older children.

Who looks after the children on the bus?

The entertainer will supervise and orchestrate games appropriate to the age and ability of the children, using the equipment on the bus.

What happens on really hot days?

Our air conditioning will require us to plug into your power supply. The entertainers will sometimes incorporate water spray bottles in the activities.

What happens if it is raining?

Rain hail or shine, the GymBus continues as normal.

Can the bus go to a park or another venue?

Yes, the GymBus can go almost anywhere providing there are no parking restrictions.

Can the children eat on the bus?

Food is not allowed on the bus.

Does the price include party food?

We do not provide catering.

Does the bus drive around?

No, the bus is stationary at your house, park or venue of your choice.

Do you provide invitations?

Invitations are sent to you as an email attachment.

Can I pay a deposit?

Full payment is required at time of booking

Who looks after the children on the bus?

The entertainer will supervise and organize games appropriate to the age and ability of the children, using the equipment on the bus.

Children under the age of 3yrs may need to be supervised by an adult

All activities are inside the GymBus while its parked

How long do the parties run for?

Normally an hour is enough to wear the kids out, but for 8 years and over you can go an extra 30 minutes for $95. You will need to call the office to book the extra time on 0429 770 277.

Bus access to my house/venue?

The Bus is 4.3m high, approx 2.5 car lengths and about a garbage truck wide. Very low hanging trees or wires may restrict our access. We can park in most Streets/Roads/Cul de Sacs and even one way streets, so long as there are no parking restrictions. Any concerns please call our office 0429 770 277.

What age is the bus suitable for?

3 to 12 years

Who will monitor the children going on and off the GymBus?

Our entertainers are very experienced and will supervise the children as they enter and leave the Gymbus. Children under 3 yrs. may need parent supervision.

Do you need power?

Only if we need to run the air conditioning units on really hot days or to run lights for night-time events.

Can I make a booking and confirm location at a later date?

Venue addresses can be changed up to 1 week prior to your party by calling our office (the address must be within in the same suburb).

Do the kids need socks?

No…. shoes and socks are taken off before the kids enter the bus for all parties and events.

How much does a party cost

Kids Birthday Parties costs – $355 for one hour and an extra $95 for every 1/2hr after that, within our serviced area, if you book online. A $25 service fee will apply for booking made over the phone by our staff (weekday bookings excluded).

It's easy to find prices & book

  • Enter your address and date
  • View available party times and prices
  • Select your best time slot and book

What you need to know:

  • Credit or Debit Cards accepted
  • Capacity for up to 26 kids
  • Online bookings for weekends only

Note: Venue needs a fixed location (ie 10 Smith St Darch)


Note: Venue needs a fixed location
ie 10 Smith St Darch.

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