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Your GymBus Party could Win your Family a Trip to Disneyland!

GymBus Birthday Parties

Kids have been going crazy over the GymBus for over 20 years. To this day we still have adults coming up to us remembering the fun they had on the bus as kids and they are memories, your kids will never forget.

But what is it about the GymBus that creates those lifetime memories?
Is it… Racing their friends up the Ladders and down the Pole?
Is it… Exploring the Secret tunnels and Hiding from their friends?
Is it… Swinging fearlessly into the foam pits?
Whatever it is…the kids LOVE it!

Our passion is to bring excitement and light up the kids with Fun and Entertainment…put Smiles on their Faces, and send them on their way, happy, contented and often totally exhausted.


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