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Games Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained

Published by March 8, 2019
Games Ideas

Games Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained

Gifts and cake may be the primary attraction of the birthday celebration of your little one, but it is important to get games. Devising games could be time-consuming; here are some ideas about the best way to select ones that are certain to be a hit.

Prize Walk

  • This game is somewhat like a cakewalk, but rather than winning a cake, children win prizes.
  • Write numbers on squares from 1-30 and tape them in a circle to the ground.
  • Make squares that are little to coincide with the amounts on the floor and keep them in a box.
  • Begin the game with every child starts walking around the ring and stands on a few squares once the music stops.
  • They win a prize if their number is selected from the box. Games will end until everybody has a prize.

Scarecrow Tiggy

  • Scarecrow supplies a fun spin on the game, where when tagged, the scarecrow must freeze.
  • A person must crawl through his or her legs, to be free.
  • This is a party game that adults could play too.

Doughnut on a String

  • This is easy enough for your guests that are younger and tasty for everybody.
  • Use ribbons to attach the rope and every doughnut together in a fantastic length for your party guests and hangs.
  • On the count of three, with no falling into the floor, each player should attempt to consume their doughnut without using their hands.
  • The first person to complete their doughnut wins.
  • Since the doughnuts are the delicious food prize of all, there’s actually no demand for prizes here.


  • With a few pairs of ankles and also only a piece of elastic, elastics have been a fun match.
  • Better were the jingles as you jumped, you sang.
  • This is such an evocative party game to help keep the children amused.

Racing Origami Boat

  • This match is played by blowing through a straw across a pool to origami paper boats, the winner being the one to make it around first.
  • This is crafty since kids will be making an origami boat.
  • If you play with this in groups, until a winner is announced, the winners from each group could continue to play with each other.

Bucket Toss

  • Line up pails or six buckets and number them.
  • Put prizes in each of the buckets, saving the big prizes for the bucket when high number. Have the children line up and teach each participant by tossing a ball into the first bucket.
  • Should they get in it, they proceed on to another bucket that is numbered.
  • The bucket with the highest number in which a player lands determines which bucket he has to choose a prize out of.
  • Every one of the children will land their ball so everybody will find a prize.

Prevent aggressive games with younger kids, since they do not always grasp the idea of sportsmanship and their feelings may be hurt when they do not win. Incorporating games and crafts around the theme of the party is a fantastic idea. The only rule with birthday party games is that they need to be entertaining.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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