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Published by October 29, 2013


Clever designers have modified games, equipment and toys to suit children. Initially this was for safety. What became apparent however is that where children are safe and happy, they gain confidence. Confident kids challenge themselves, take calculated risks and are not threatened by those around them.

Gymbus Dark Knight

Sporting associations are aware of this, accommodating smaller bodies, limbs, hands and feet by?altering the size of balls, the height of goals, the weight of shot put or implements. Hard metal shot are now soft beanbags or leather filled with sand or wheat. Why? Safety and success.

Where kids are successful at swinging off a low bar, they want to try the next level up. Where they fail at the higher bar first up, they don?t want to participate. Contrary to building confidence and skills, the equipment becomes ?unfriendly? because it has made ?me fail?.

Slipping off a bar onto a soft mat a few centimetres below, initially a shock, becomes fun when the mat bounces creating a fun sensation. Children with friendly equipment develop games and activities to better use it; and suddenly the room or space is filled with happy, laughing kids.

In the best scenario of all, where children have gained confidence and basic skills, their imagination is set free; a tunnel becomes a path to a new kingdom, a goal scored creates a new big league champion, a slower dance piece creates a stage performer in the flickering of a creative thought.

How do you challenge your children daily? What activities do you pursue that fosters curiosity, confidence and creativity? Leave your comments below.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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