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House Party Games for 3 & 4-year-olds Children’s Birthday Parties in Melbourne

Published by May 30, 2017
house party games

At 3 & 4 years old, children reach a number of developmental milestones.

They become interested in new experiences learn to co operate with other children start finding solutions to problems. They understand the concept of counting can follow 3 part instructions can usually throw, kick and catch move forward, backward and hop on one leg.

Reaching these developmental stages makes planning Children’s Birthday Parties so much easier, particularly if you’re looking for House Party Games. Make sure you have someone to help you with welcoming guests, preparing and serving food and organising the party games.

house party games

Minute to Win It Games:

1. Marshmallow Toss – one player throws marshmallows into a cup held by another player. The younger the children the bigger the container – from a cup to a laundry basket
2. Plastic Cup Stack – in partners, build the highest tower
3. Jelly Bean Roll. – with a straw in mouth, roll a jellybean across a table over a finish line.
4. M&M Transfer. – with a straw in mouth, suck up an M&M and transfer from one bowl to another
5. Treasure Hunt: To ensure everyone finds a treasure, each guest can only find one!
6. Eat a Donut: Hang 1 donut for each person from a tree branch or verandah, first finished wins.
7. Musical Statues: Stand still when the music stops, the last one still is out.
8. Musical bobs, last one to bob down is out.
9. Pass the Parcel: Always a favourite, instead of one gift at the end, wrap a small toy or gift in each layer.

Duck Duck Goose: Children sit in a circle ( 2 circles for more than 10 children). One child walks around the outside of the circle once lightly tapping each child on the shoulder as they say “duck”!

They pick one child and yells goose. The goose chases the duck and tries to catch it before the duck sits in the goose’s place.
Water Balloons: A Perfect game for a hot day, place a plastics toy inside a balloon fill with water and hang from a tree or verandah. Children hit the balloon with a bat until it bursts.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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