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Ideas for Kids Party at Home in Perth

Published by December 26, 2016
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Ideas for Kids party at home in Perth for 8 – 9-year-old boys, grades 3 & 4

The current craze for this new generation of IT experts is a Pokemon Party. This concept works really well for a children’s birthday party in Perth for boys aged 8 or 9 years, around grades 3 and 4. Rather than playing on phones like their more grown-up counterparts, children can collect, swap and play tournaments with the cards.

kids party idea

Theme your party by suggesting the children dress up as their favourite character, and get them to bring their Pokémon cards to the party.  Make your own Pokémon birthday cake, or purchase one, and use the theme to decorate your party food.

After meet and greet, perhaps organise a card show and swapping session, where the children can test their negotiating skills. Have an area set up where the kids can play tournaments and have Pokémon packs as prizes. Once the prizes have been given out, maybe have another swap session. Face or body painting is popular, but you need a painter familiar with the Pokemon characters.

Apart from the cost of the food and birthday cake, the only other cost for the party is the Pokemon packs for prizes or even as take home gifts instead of sweets. At around $7.00 each, 10-12 guests, the total cost would come to around $84.00

A similar concept can be applied to “Clash of the Clans” or any type of Gaming party where the party invitees bring their own IPad and use your WiFi.

Other themed parties include Star Wars and Monsters, you’ll need a good imagination and be prepared to organise the games and activities yourself.

However, if you wanted to make the party even more special and spectacular you could host the party on the GymBus. With its 5 different rooms over two levels, Pokemon music and riot of colours, the GymBus with its host, would put the kids in Pokemon heaven. This would cost you an extra $355.

For more information give GymBus a call and we’ll organise the lot for you, 0429 770 277

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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