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Published by November 18, 2013


An invitation often is a very simple affair. After all, what does it need to do? It has to get you to attend an event or party on a given date and time, wearing particular clothes suitable for the location. It is that easy.

There are many creative invitations around. From circus tickets to attend a circus themed Christmas party, Eurovision DVD stamped with the current year, date and time for a get together for this event. There have been glitter filled envelopes, compromising or funny photographs, a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and works of art using paper, flowers, and amazing script. A YouTube video, PowerPoint presentations or Facebook events.?

All of them have done the job, ensuring attendance at a fun social event. Invitations to kids parties and events can be just as elaborate. Written on masks for costume events, puzzles or riddles, maths problems only a school class would know the precise answer to; always getting a group of people together.

How you invite people says a lot about how special your event or your child?s event is to you. The more time it takes you, the greater your personal cost to ensure a hugely successful event.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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