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Invite Special Needs Kids to a Childs Birthday Party

Published by January 23, 2017
Childs Birthday Party

AS parents we need to create an environment where all children can flourish. The operative word being “ALL”. Not all children fit into the box labeled “normal”. If you are the parent of a child that falls outside this normal box, you will relate to this, and if your child is what’s considered in the normal range, than maybe this will give you a difference perspective.

Some children find everyday life a struggle. It’s a challenge to get to school on time, sitting in a classroom for 5-6 hours a day may be a difficult task. Making friends, obeying school rules and society rules, learning stuff that doesn’t interest you, distinguishing between right and wrong and living up to the expectation of the people around them can make life miserable.

These special children can be quirky, intelligent, creative, kind, imaginative, non-conforming, head strong and impulsive. Some cannot sit still, or speak out when they shouldn’t. In their eyes, they are not being naughty or manipulative, just trying to get by in a world that has not developed with children like them in mind.

We need to love and support them just the way they are. Watching the way a child behaves in the library, the shopping centre or at a children’s birthday party does not tell you anything about this child, other than they are doing the best they can to cope with the world around them at that moment.

Maybe they are tired because they are not sleeping well, maybe for some reason, they don’t feel safe and connected to their parents or careers or maybe they are just having a really bad day. As observers, we can’t tell what the problem is just by looking at a child or spending 1 hour or 2 in their company.  So why do we judge them and make assumptions about their parents?

Be kind and considerate, allow them the opportunity to be who they are without judging. You never know, you or someone close to you could be in this position some day!

If you are planning a children’s birthday party in Melbourne, Perth or the Sutherland Shire invite the special child in your son or daughters class, it would mean the world to them. And invite the GymBus along too; all children can enjoy it.


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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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