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Kids Birthday Parties in Hawthorn East, Melbourne

Published by June 13, 2017
Hawthorn East


Hawthorn East was originally established in the 1880s and many of the historical buildings and houses are still well-preserved. It is located in the local government area of the City of Boroondara and is between two shopping strips, located on Glenferrie Road and Burke Road.[2]

Great Locations to host your Kids Birthday Party

Fritsch Holzer Park is a large open space, popular for recreational activities and named after Augustus Fritsch and the Holzer brothers

    • Facilities
      • Off-lead dog area
      • Barbecue
      • Parking
      • Public toilets
      • Seating and tables

Anderson Park is another significant park in the area and offers panoramic views of the Melbourne CBD.

kids parties Hawthorn East
  • Facilities
    • Off-lead dog area
    • Barbecue
    • Public toilets
    • Playground
    • Sportsground
    • Seating and tables
    • Playground
      • The extensive playground is set on 3 levels and includes wave slides, climbing walls, a rope walkway and a long flying fox.

Other Parks to consider are Cato Park and Victoria Road Reserve.

Balloon Games for Kids Birthday Parties in Hawthorn East

Bring out a balloon at a birthday party and children of all ages get excited. The risk of a Big Bang doesn’t stop them reaching out to touch, poke and squeeze a big fat balloon.

Is it the colours, the gravity-defying qualities or the texture that makes a balloon so interesting? Do you watch in wonder at what happens when you give a child a balloon?

Kids Birthday Parties Hawthorn East

Most sports can be adapted to incorporate a balloon. Volleyball, tennis, all the football codes, baseball, basketball lose their potential risk when modified to incorporate the use of a balloon, usually resulting in fits of laughter. You can change the rules or add new ones but be prepared with a replacement balloon when the game ends with a loud bang!

Other balloon games for a children’s birthday party in Hawthorn East are:


OVER AND UNDER. – 5-8 children stand in a line, all facing the front, the front person has the balloon, the balloon is passed overhead of the next person, then under the legs and so on to the last person who runs to the front of the line and it all starts again.

KEEPINGS OFF. – 2 teams who try to keep the balloon off the other team.

BALLOON RELAY. – 2 teams in pairs, the first two players hold the balloon between their foreheads (no hands) and try to run sideways to a mark and back without dropping the balloon.

BALLOON PASS. – 2 teams, the first person holds a balloon between their knees and tries to pass it to the next person, repeat down the line.

BALLOON BANG. – 2 teams, each person in both teams has a balloon. Balance the balloon
on their head,

To make your child’s birthday party even more exciting, hire the GymBus and fill it with balloons. For more information visit their website or call them on 0429 770 277
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