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Birthday Party Games for 3 – 5 year olds

GymBus Parties are Tailored to Suit all Age Groups    Below are Some of our Games for Years 3 – 5

Animation and Creation

birthday party games  GymBus caters for all ages. Here are some of our 3 – 5yr Party Games

The young ones see the GymBus as the World’s Largest Cubby House. They can explore, discover and play until their heart’s content. The games below are designed to make your child’s birthday party, the best day ever.



The GymBus is a theatre for the kids imagination.

With its two levels connected by tunnels, ladders and a fireman’s pole, FREE PLAY is the most adventurous time on the bus.

It’s when the kids Discover, Explore and Grow, whilst at Play



GymBus is not the most common place kids would play this game….  but it is by far the most challenging.

With all the tunnels, ladders, monkey bars, foam pits and miniaturised Olympic gymnastics equipment the course is bound to be challenging for even the most adventurous of kids

Either the Entertainer or the birthday child maps out a simple or hard course depending on the age and ability of the kids.

Great game for 5 and 6-year-olds


The kids really love this game because they have to stop in the most unusual places.

With all the miniaturised equipment to climb on, it makes it harder for the kids to freeze

When the host stops the music, the kids must -FREEZE no matter where they are.

  • They could be sliding down the pole and they must -FREEZE
  • They could be climbing up a ladder or darting thru a tunnel and they must -FREEZE
  • They could even be flying thru the air like Harry Potter and they must -FREEZE or when they hit the ground?

And the game goes on



The GymBus has a riot of colours across all 5 rooms.

The walls, floors, ceilings and equipment are all different colours

Each time the music stops, the host calls out a different colour for the kids to do different things on.

For example:

  • Hang by one arm on something RED!
  • Lie on your tummy under something YELLOW!
  • Balance on one leg on something GREEN!
  • Put one arm and one leg on something BLUE!

So on and so forth


GymBus Sardines is Hide and Seek in reverse.

With 2 tunnels, 2 foam pits and 5 differently designed rooms the kids have plenty of places to hide.

With GymBus Sardines, the birthday child and 2 others hide, whilst everyone else counts.

The difference is…. When each of the hiders are found…  the finder hides with them.

The idea is to have a few kids left not knowing where everyone is.

The game can be repeated with different kids hiding.


With 5 different rooms to hide in, tunnels from top to bottom and 2 areas filled with foam, the GymBus is a kids paradise to play Hide and Seek.

We start with birthday child counting whilst the other kids scurry off to find a hiding spot.

The last child to be found gets to count whilst everyone else hides.

The game can be played to the hearts content.


This game has been specifically designed for the GymBus. It’s the only place it can be played.

And the kids Love it….

The birthday child is the “shark”

Everyone else is a “monkey”.

The “Sharks” can only catch the “monkeys” if they are touching the ground.

So the “monkeys” have to climb from ladders to ropes to monkey bars and from one level to the other.

If they touch the ground they run the risk of being caught. Once caught they become a “shark”

When there is only two sharks left everyone swaps over and the game starts again.

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