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Birthday Party Games for 6 – 8 year olds

GymBus Parties are Tailored to Suit all Age Groups     Below are Some of our Games for Years 6 – 8

Challenging and Exhausting

age1  Our most popular game is “THE FLOOR IS LAVA” 

6 – 8 years are our most popular age groups. Our games are specifically designed for this unique indoor play centre that comes to you. The and activities will excite, challenge and exhaust, even the most competitive and cautious birthday party kids.



The GymBus is a theatre for the kids imagination.

With its two levels connected by tunnels, ladders and a fireman’s pole, FREE PLAY is the most adventurous time on the bus.

It’s when the kids Discover, Explore and Grow, whilst at Play


This is a great challenge for the really good climbers,

With 5 rooms, 3 ladders, 2 tunnels, 2 monkey bars, one 3m rope, one 3m fireman’s pole and all the Olympic Gymnastic equipment, this is no easy climb around.

Half the kids start upstairs and half the kids start downstairs.

The kids must try to climb around the entire Gymbus without touching the floor.

They start from one end of the bus and climb to the other. Then from one level to the other.

They can use any of the equipment, walls, windows and rails, just not the ground.




The kids really love this game because they have to stop in the most unusual places

With all the miniaturised equipment to climb on, it makes it harder for the kids to freeze

When the host stops the music, the kids must -FREEZE no matter where they are.

  • They could be sliding down the pole and they must -FREEZE
  • They could be climbing up a ladder or darting thru a tunnel and they must -FREEZE
  • They could even be flying thru the air like Harry Potter and they must -FREEZE or when they hit the ground?

And the game goes on



The GymBus has a riot of colours across all 5 rooms.

The walls, floors, ceilings and equipment are all different colours

Each time the music stops, the host calls out a different colour for the kids to do different things on.

For example:

  • Hang by one arm on something RED!
  • Lie on your tummy under something YELLOW!
  • Balance on one leg on something GREEN!
  • Put one arm and one leg on something BLUE!

So on and so forth


This is a game where everyone can do their favourite tricks. And boy

And boy do the kids come up with some beauties. Some we have never seen before.

The GymBus was built with all the Olympic gymnastics equipment miniaturised across the 5 rooms.

High Bars, Parallel bars, Rings, Floor, Beams and Foam Pits

The entertainer will stop the music and ask the kids to do a trick on different equipment throughout the GymBus. e.g….

  • Find something to swing on.
  • Find something to hang upside down on.
  • Find something to rollover.
  • So one and so forth.

Such a fun game to watch!


This is the most popular game on the GymBus across all age groups.

With all the different equipment in the five rooms of the bus, it makes for some funny moments.

The way it is played, one person is the tagger and they must try to catch everyone else to win.

If you are caught you must stand like a scarecrow with your legs apart on the ground or on the equipment.

Anyone who hasn’t been caught can free you by going under your legs.

The game is won if everyone is caught. Ps which never happens.

The Entertainer can change the tagger whenever he likes.


Great game for a mixed group of kids.

Having the two levels and tunnels from one to the other makes it so much harder to find your partner.

Everyone who wants to play finds a partner.

One of the partners counts to ten, before setting off to catch the other partner who runs away.

Once the runner is caught, they swap over.

The kids can play or not, it won’t make any difference to the game.


The GymBus is a riot of colours which makes this game more interesting.One Person is it.

One Person is it.Call out a colour, and only people wearing that colour

The GymBus entertainer calls out a colour, and only people wearing that colour can get caught, the others must find the same colour on the bus to be safe. get restWhoever gets caught, becomes it.

Whoever gets caught, becomes the chaser. Only one person is it at a time.

The Entertainer can change the colours quickly.


This game we all enjoyed playing as a kid. BUT,  when played on the GymBus it makes it so much more interesting and exciting

The Entertainer is the Wolf and stands at the front of the bus either upstairs or downstairs, with their back to kids.

All kids stand at the back of GymBus.

The kids call out… What’s the time Mr Wolf?  The Wolf replies X o clock and the kids take X steps forward.

When the Wolf stays “dinner time” he turns and tries to catch them before they get back to their starting position.

If any kid gets caught by Mr Wolf, they get to be Mr Wolf.


The older boys and “tomboys” love this game.

It is a very safe way for them to display their strength and cunningness.

Each player puts a sock on one foot.

When the referee starts the bout, the kids try to get their opponents sock off.

The game can be played anywhere in the bus.



Such a fun game for the little ones.

The host pairs the children up or the kids can find a friend.

One partner counts to ten with the host, whilst the other partner hides.

Then off they go to find their partner.

Once found they swap over and the game starts again.



Great game for kids with good imaginations.

As the kids go into the bus, they have to remember everything they do for one minute whilst the music is playing.

Once the music stops the kids have a few seconds to remember what they did and how they did it.

When the music starts again they have to do everything in reverse. ie REWIND

  • if they did a forward roll, they have to do a backwards roll
  • if they climbed across the monkey bars, they needed to climb backwards across the monkey bars
  • if they slid down the fireman’s pole they needed to slide or climb up the fireman’s pole.

They have to retrace their steps back out onto the mat.

The game can have any starting point. They just have to get back to this point when the game is in rewind

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