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Birthday Party Games for 9 – 12 year olds

GymBus Parties are Tailored to Suit all Age Groups    Below are Some of our Games for Years 9 – 12

Mystery and Mayhem

Birthday Party Games  Our most popular game is “THE FLOOR IS LAVA” 

9 – 12-year-old children are our favourite groups to entertain. The games and activities we have cleverly designed, so they can only be played inside the Double Decker GymBus.



The GymBus is a theatre for the kids imagination.

With its two levels connected by tunnels, ladders and a fireman’s pole, FREE PLAY is the most adventurous time on the bus.

It’s when the kids Discover, Explore and Grow, whilst at Play


This is a great challenge for the really good climbers,

With 5 rooms, 3 ladders, 2 tunnels, 2 monkey bars, one 3m rope, one 3m fireman’s pole and all the Olympic Gymnastic equipment, this is no easy climb around.

Half the kids start upstairs and half the kids start downstairs.

The kids must try to climb around the entire Gymbus without touching the floor.

They start from one end of the bus and climb to the other. Then from one level to the other.

They can use any of the equipment, walls, windows and rails, just not the ground.




The relay course is mapped out from one level to the next using all the equipment on the bus.

ie tunnels, ladders, ropes, foam pits and monkey bars

Everyone starts upstairs.

The kids are divided into 2 teams.

One at a time, each team member set off on the obstacle course.

Once complete the next team member is tagged and sets off to complete the course.

The first team finished wins.



Great game for a mixed group of kids.

Having the two levels and tunnels from one to the other makes it so much harder to find your partner.

Everyone who wants to play finds a partner.

One of the partners counts to ten, before setting off to catch the other partner who runs away.

Once the runner is caught, they swap over.

The kids can play or not, it won’t make any difference to the game.



The older boys and “tomboys” love this game.

It is a very safe way for them to display their strength and cunningness.

Each player puts a sock on one foot.

When the referee starts the bout, the kids try to get their opponents sock off.

The game can be played anywhere in the bus.


This game requires the children to use their imagination and memories.

The kids start the game in a funny position on the equipment in the bus.

The game starts when the music begins. For one minute they move around the bus doing different tricks.

When the music stops they have one minute to reverse everything they have done.


One child at a time races against the stopwatch to see how many seconds it takes to get all around the bus

The course is…

  • Up the ladder
  • Through the tunnel
  • Across the monkey bars
  • Down the fireman’s pole
  • Through the pit
  • Up the slide
  • Through the second tunnel
  • Across the bars
  • Over the wedges
  • To the finishing line, in the drivers seat


7.GYMBUS King and Queen of the Pole

GymBus has been timing how fast the kids can climb the fireman’s pole since 1994.

Some of the record holders from the early years are now our Olympians today.

The GymBus team was very proud to discover this Link.


The kids love this game because the bus makes it some much more interesting.

One Chaser, the rest must avoid being caught – in the tunnels, on the ladders, in the pits and on the poles.

When the kids are caught the shape they make to be freed is changed for every game.

  1. Hanging stars
  2. Bridges
  3. Spiders web
  4. Wall Handstands



Challenges that can only be done inside a Double Decker Bus

  1. Climb from one end of the bus to the other without touching the ground
  2. Climb around the entire Double Decker Bus without touching the ground
  3. See who can climb the fireman’s pole the fastest. We have time for climbing the pole as far back as 1996
  4. Create a trick that no one has ever seen before
  5. Invent a game that no one else has ever played

Our most popular game.

One child is IT and the other must escape the Chaser and if caught, must stand like a Tee Pee. The children that are caught, can be freed by someone climbs under their legs.

To make the game a MYSTERY, the CHASER is selected when all the kids have their eyes closed.


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Note: Venue needs a fixed location
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