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Make your next special occasion one to remember. Balloon Inflation provides corporate and private events across Sydney with beautiful helium balloons, decorations and more, making sure it always feels like a party.

Specialising in quality balloon decor, balloon printing and party supplies for functions, private parties, events and promotions, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and value to our clients and customers. Whether it’s a casual birthday party or a corporate celebration, we have the range and the customer service expertise to ensure that you get exactly the occasion you dreamed of.

Party balloons for each and every occasion
We know how important it is to get exactly the right decorations for a space. Creating the right atmosphere takes a bit of planning. To meet the diverse needs of event organisers across Sydney, we provide an extensive range of products sourced from reliable, trustworthy manufacturers. All of our products are of the highest quality available, ensuring your party looks amazing.



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