EmberZone – Dodgeball

About Us

EmberZone Dodgeball is played with only one ball.

We also call it “Light Dodgball” to differentiate from the official Dodgeball which can be a bit rough.

No elimination of players when hit – points system introduced.
Infield and outfield players swap places often – so there is balanced participation of all players.
No waiting, no pain, no hurt feelings. Just fun, fitness and friendship.

This is a non-contact sport with very low rate of injuries.
Kids love it because it’s fun. Parents love it because it’s safe and fair game. Exercise is a bonus.

Have you ever had enough of dodgeball?

  • By having EmberZone – Dodgeball at your child’s birthday party, you will become the coolest parent of the day.
  • Children will be running, throwing, catching, dodging, screaming with excitement.
  • We can come where ever you need us to.
  • All we need is a flat space of about 16x8m, either indoors or outdoors.
  • EmberZone birthday party is lots of fun and everybody will be equally included.
  • It’s the perfect game for both boys and girls! We have blue and red bibs.
  • We use neoprene balls that don’t hurt and we can provide knees protection.
  • It’s safe and fun to hit someone without anyone getting hurt.



  • 150 Fisher Rd, Cromer, NSW 
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    Phone : 0421893243