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The IndyKarts (For kids karts go here…)
Indykarts are the only geared, motorcycle powered indoor karts in the world. They are designed to give you the closest “real racing” experience that can be had indoors.

The karts have a simple to use clutch-less sequential gearbox (the karts can also be left in one gear and driven as an automatic). The gear shift on Indykarts works the same as on many new automatic cars where the gear lever can be pushed forward or backward while driving to select gears “manually”. Being able to use the gears to slow down and accelerate out of the tight corners makes these karts incredible fun to drive.

Instead of having a slow revving, rear mounted “pump” engine, our karts use a 9 horsepower Honda bike engine that revs to 7,500 rpm!!…and is mounted beside the driver for better handling.

Please note:
– there is a minimum age of 11 years and a minimum hight of 1.4 metres
– children up to 15 years must drive auto

The Track
The track has an average width of 4.5 meters and has been designed to promote racing with lots of overtaking, a smooth driver who works out the best “lines” through the corners will be fastest. This is the first two level track in Australia, the elevated section is 85 meters long and crosses the lower track three times. All the corners on the elevated track are either ‘uphill’ or ‘downhill’ and the uphill left is ‘off camber’ while the downhill right is ‘on camber’. Maximum achievable speed at the top of the up ramp is approx. 40km/h (for more information about the track please look at the film clip in the gallery section). We have a full timing system that will give you a print out at the end of each run showing finishing positions and the fastest lap of each kart. Drivers can also check their lap times while driving (check out the drawing of the track layout.

The Facilities
Indykarts will cater for individuals, groups, and corporate team building or activity days. We have 350 sq/m of modern well appointed reception or general public area, plenty of room for 1 to 50 people. Coffee, tea and cold drinks are available.



  • 9 Fitzpatrick St, Revesby, NSW 2212
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