Kids Sports Parties

About Us

KIDS SPORTS PARTIES is committed to providing a fun, high energy and memorable party experience for both you and your child. We cater the party to your child’s individual interests ensuring children of all ages and abilities are able to participate.

We are a passionate team who can guarantee a stress free party for you and ensure ALL kids have the BEST PARTY EVER!

What we provide

  • Qualified Instructors
  • All equipment for sports, games and activitie
  • Certificates for ALL children
  • Toy gold sports medals for ALL children
  • 10% discount for Kids Sports Parties for ALL children
  • Personalised A4 birthday certificate and Birthday gift for your birthday child
  • A Fun, safe and energetic atmosphere for YOUR child’s party
  • A stress free experience for YOU!



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    Phone : 0433 153 783