Turbo Climb

About Us

Indoor Climbing Evolved
Turbo Climb is a new and innovative fitness experience, with a twist! Turbo Climb it’s re-imagining the traditional indoor climbing experience with new technology and exciting innovations.

Turbo Climb is a Challenge, you will want to conquer!

Reach the top
Experience 26 of the most fun and exciting Climbing Walls you will ever climb.

Race to the top a magical beanstalk or Conquer you fears while climbing a roaring volcano. Believe in yourself and you will reach the top!

Fun for the Whole Family
Ideal for ages 4-84 Turbo Climb is the perfect experience for a day out with the family. Come together as a team and reach the top of our hardest walls. Every family member can climb at Turbo Climb and fun is our guarantee.



  • 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, NSW
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    Phone: 02 9722 9863