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Published by December 23, 2013

Since the 1950s, one toy company understood what it takes to make a child?s birthday or

Christmas special. Finding something that made kids smile and gave them the opportunity to act out their dream jobs or lives in miniature is the secret behind Matchbox cars, trucks and busses.smith and jack odell

Timing for the release of the product was obviously important, as societies became more affluent and mobile. Interestingly, the Australian family holiday (following our American counterparts) began to feature caravans. Matchbox toy cars allowed children to simply move their imaginary lives to different locations.

Whether this was to a friend?s home, school, on holidays or even turning a back or front yard into a city-like labyrinth was not uncommon. The small size of Matchbox gifts provided not only portability, but affordability for gift givers.

When you are next invited to a birthday party, consider the age old favourite, Matchbox. If you know the host is passionate about being a policeman, bus driver or even a racing car fanatic; then the choice is easy, affordable and due to the quality, will provide hours and years of games and fun for children.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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