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Most kids have an energy tank that lasts about an hour

Published by July 28, 2015
Balloon Games for Kids Birthday Parties Melbourne

Each age group have a huge range of games and activities uniquely designed for the GymBus.

3 to 5yrs play

GymBus Colours, GymBus Animal Kingdom, GymBus Hide and Seek, GymBus Climb Around, GymBus Sharks & Monkeys , GymBus Statues and more!

6 to 8 play

GymBus Climb Around,GymBus Partner Chasey, GymBus 40/40 Home Base, GymBus Trick Stars, GymBus Twister, GymBus Tag Ball and more!

9 to 11yrs play

GymBus Challenges, GymBus Twister, GymBus Mayhem Mistry, GymBus Dance Off, GymBus Gang up Chasey, GymBus Mistry Scarecrow Chasey and more!

Our job is to wear them out, and send them back to you.

You feed them and send them home, happy, contented and with a huge SMILE on their face.


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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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