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WEEK 2…. Move Your Kids Butts

Published by February 22, 2016
7 exercises in 7 Weeks
7 exercises in 7 Weeks

7 exercises in 7 Weeks




Instructions for Adventure Circuit


With this circuit we are mainly working on balance and co-ordination skills aiming at a target. Increasing lower body strength using a leaping motion and adding an extra challenge to the skill of using a hula hoop. Enhancing eye, hand co-ordination and working out distance to ensure a hoop can land over a bucket successfully, increasing muscle control of the arms and balance through the body to make the target.


We wish to maintain and increase lower body, back and abdominal strength as well as increasing the success rate of hand, eye co-ordination. Using our sight to evaluate the distance to a target and aiming with a good technique to be successful. A little like successfully hitting the head of a nail without hammering your finger instead.


Beanies x 9               Witches Hats x 21 (or coloured cones)   Tape Measure

Hula Hoops x 7        Buckets x 3               Mats x 6 or towels

Set Up

Type 2: Parent Usage

You will need to set up all the stations first, we need to set up for your child so if you have a Kindy to year 3 going to throw beanies into the hula hoop it is a 2 metre measure from start position to tip of hula hoop. For a year 3-6 child you will need a 3 metre measurement from start position to the tip of the hula hoop.

Setting up for the leap-frog you need to place the coloured cones 1 metre apart so that your child can jump over them when they leap-frog and continue for all 7 cones or witches hats. The hats are more challenging, as they are higher in height so you may like to use these for the years 5-7.

For the hula hooping on the waist, arms and legs just leave the hula hoop your child uses and for yourself if you are participating as well.

Use a cone to show the starting position for aiming at the bucket with the hula hoop. Use a 2 metre length away from the bucket for Kindy to year 3 children and year 4-7 need a 3 metre length. You will need to place 4 hoops at the starting position.

Place a mat on the ground for your child and yourself or use a towel to do their full sit-ups. You can either jump to the next mats for the back extensions or use your own towels at the sixth station.

This week is informative next week we move on to TWO activities per week.

Want to know more about our book or ask a q go to our facebook page at moveyourkidsbutts and press like!

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