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WEEK 3…. Move Your Kids Butts

Published by February 28, 2016
7 exercises in 7 Weeks
7 exercises in 7 Weeks

7 exercises in 7 Weeks

WEEK 3 by Sharon Beer-Korver Author
We are doing stretches as per the stretch sheet from head to toe so ask the children to go through them one by one for each muscle group. You may even like to choose a child to demonstrate what exercise you are doing for neck, then another for chest etc.
Demonstrating Exercises for safety
Throwing Beanies into the Hula Hoop
• Now we are set up all we need to do during this exercise is for the children to try to throw as many beanies into the hula hoop as they can during the 1 1/2 minute time-frame.
• The children will need to stand at the start position with their feet slightly apart and bend their legs to help them to project the beanie towards the centre of the hula hoop.
• It is best to aim for the direct centre of the hula hoop as you have more chance of the beanie going in.
• Don’t forget the beanies can also roll a little bit when they hit the ground so let’s not throw the beanie too hard.

Start Position Beanies in and out of hula hoop
Leap-frog over Witches Hats and/or Cones
• With a coloured cone as the starting position we are going to try to leap-frog over the coloured cones continually back and forth. We leap all the way up over 7 of the hats/cones and then turn around and come back.
• Ensure that the children have checked that there is not sticks in the area as they will be placing their hands on the ground but will have sandshoes on to protect their feet.
• They will need to kneel in the frog sitting position before they start and then leap forward over the first cone, some children will not be able to do this leap in one shot so can try completing it in two leaps between the cones if they like.

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