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Planning a Spider-Man Boys Birthday Party

Published by April 7, 2017
Spider-Man Boys Birthday Party
Spider-Man Boys Birthday Party

Spider-Man has been around since 1962 and it’s still as popular as ever it seems for a themed boys birthday party. Boys are into Spider-Man from when they are old enough to say “Spiderman” through until 7-8 years of age with Spider-Man costumes, pyjamas, toys and other merchandise readily and cheaply available from major variety stores and discount stores.

Purchase your Spider-Man themed invitations, or do your own on the computer. There will be no doubt what the theme is, and ask guests to wear their Spider-Man costumes or PJ’s if they have them. Parents may not want to have to go out and purchase a costume so give them the option to simply come dressed in red and Royal blue or similar attire.
Party hire and balloon shops are often a good place to source your serviettes, plates, cups balloons, and other decorations, depending on how far you want to go and how much you want to spend.

Those creative cooks amongst us can decorate cupcakes and birthday cakes with red and blue icing with spiders and spider webs. With some forward planning, you can purchase spider webs and similar decorations stocked in shops around Halloween in October.

Boys this age tend to enjoy physical activity, so if you plan on having your party at home, or at a local park or community centre, entertainment that comes to you works well. The GymBus is a playground inside a double decker bus with 5 different rooms that are perfect for the kids to play Spiderman. It can park outside your house or venue and has an entertainer to run the kids ragged for about an 1 hour, leaving Mum free to prepare the food and birthday cake. The average cost is around $355.00. When booking, be sure to let them know it’s a boys birthday party with a Spider-Man theme so the entertainer can organise appropriate games and activities.

Have fun planning your boys birthday party and remember to get the kids involved writing out the invites, making up the lolly/loot bags and decorating the venue, they’ll love it!!

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