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Published by December 21, 2015
Head to Head at kids parties

Dr Katie Heathershaw, consultant paediatrician at Melbourne Children’s Clinic, believes “unstructured, child-led play is the most important kind, but that doesn’t mean you (child) have to stay home”. Dr Katie may well have had GymBus in mind when she spoke her words of wisdom. But where GymBus’s view differs from that of the good doctor view is that your kids CAN stay at home and play in the most unstructured, child-led way possible.

How is that possible, you ask? The team at GymBus specialise in Kids Birthday Parties and will come to your place and make you the talk of the street. Why go to a venue when the venue can come to you! You won’t have to worry about over-exuberant children tearing through the house and disturbing the pet armadillo, damaging the Egyptian artefacts, pulling down that Bali sunset photo where you first met your significant other, or trying to hurdle the new flat-screen TV set. Instead, let the birthday boy/girl and friends run amok in the safe surrounds of the GymBus, where the floors and walls are padded and carpeted for safety and comfort and the interior includes ladders, monkey bars, roman rings, slides, a trapeze and tunnels. There’s even a fireman’s pole. And when it comes to spaciousness, GymBus compares favourably with Doctor Who’s famed TARDIS.

This will be a kids’ party with a difference, with the youngsters exposed to something completely new. Dr Katie again: “You can prepare your child briefly for a new situation by showing them photos of where you’re going and who’ll be there.” And what photos they are of the big, bold, blue bus, standing proudly surrounded by excited children.

Of course, kids love to play games at birthday parties – they’re great ice-breakers for those children who might be a little shy. Having been involved in more than 30,000 functions in its 21-year existence, GymBus can suggest a number of games and kids’ parties’ ideas to help relax shy youngsters. Two beauties that can be played aboard the bus are “Sharks and Monkeys” and “The Balloon Challenge”. Most kids have an energy tank that lasts an hour and we can guarantee that these games will induce a joyful exhaustion once they’ve finished their time in the GymBus. Some birthday cake to replenish burnt-up energy, and your child will go home with memories that will last forever.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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