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The 5 Essentials for a Children’s Birthday Party in Melbourne

Published by August 4, 2017
Children’s Birthday Party in Melbourne

FOOD – My experience tells me many parents place too much emphasis on party food. Kids would rather play than eat!  However, if you are determined to cater like a master chef, stick with the favourites like sausage rolls, party pies, cupcakes (even if they only eat the icing), chocolate crackles and the like. If you are a time-poor Mum, contact a professional caterer who specializes in children’s parties like Party Food Melbourne

Children’s Birthday Party in Melbourne

BIRTHDAY CAKE – Take a cake, add the right number of candles and you can turn any gathering of 2 or more into a birthday party. Whether it’s a simple packet cake covered with smarties or an elaborate multi-tiered master piece, the birthday cake is the most important essential ingredient of a children birthday party. And everyone’s favorite part – blowing out the candles, usually multiple times. Some places specializing in Children’s birthday cakes in Melbourne are Fantasy Cakes


Ask them to do a GymBus Cake for you.

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ENTERTAINMENT – 2 hours seems to be the most popular amount of time allowed for a birthday party for primary school aged children. Allowing 30 minutes for a meet and greet at the beginning and 30 minutes for food and cake towards the end, leave 1 hour for entertainment. Unless you have a person to organise games and activities for the children, most parents will look to a company like GymBus to do the entertaining.  They bring their Double Decker Bus filled with Ninja Warrior Climbing equipment to your house or a venue of your choice. The kids Love it…… The parents love it and you will to…

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PRESENTS – While receiving presents is a very exciting aspect of a child’s birthday party, it can be a problem for the parents of the invited guests. Check out the post-Christmas sales and toy sales throughout the year and collect gifts that you think will be suitable for the age range of your own children. Some websites to search for gifts are

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DECORATIONS – Your budget and your imagination will determine how far you go with decorations. Theme parties such as Spider Man and Frozen are very popular and its relatively easy to find tablecloths, serviettes, cups and plates from places like Spotlight, Target, K Mart and specialty party shops such as Lombard…

As long as have these 5 ingredients, your party is bound to be a success.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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