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The Best Age for Children’s Birthday Parties in Melbourne

Published by February 6, 2017
Children Parties

When planning children’s birthday party in Melbourne, it is very important to take the age of the birthday children and their guests into account.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child has a party they will remember is to get them involved in the planning from the very beginning. Have an open and frank discussion about your wants and needs and the things you as a parent need to consider, as well as what is important to your child. Children, even as young as 5 are very clear on what they want.

Childrens Birthday party

Discuss whether it will be an all-boys birthday party, all-girls birthday party or mixed. These days many parents feel obligated to invite the whole class or it could be school policy, particularly for younger grades, so that the same few children don’t always miss out!!

If you invite the whole class, this could result in a number anywhere from 15 – 35, but the average is 23- 25. At least all the guests will be the same age. You can be confident, with your child’s input, to choose a theme, games and activities or professional entertainment like the Gymbus that will be age-appropriate. As a professional entertainer, I can tell you that parties where most, if not all of the children are the same age are the most successful!

If, however, invited guests are made up of some classmates, neighbours and friends children, cousins and family members you could have ages ranging from babies to teenagers. I don’t need to explain just how difficult it is to cater for that sort of age range in such a way as to ensure that your child has a birthday party to remember. You don’t want it to be memorable because it was a failure!!

My tip, still to inviting kids the same age as the birthday child!

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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