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5 Essential Ingredients for Children’s Birthday Parties – No 2 The Birthday Cake

Published by August 15, 2017
Birthday Party Venues

Planning a children’s birthday party for any age can be a daunting prospect for any parent. By addressing the 5 Must Haves for a Children’s Birthday party and calling in the experts, you can simplify the task into 5 easy steps, Cake, Food, Decorations, Present and Entertainment.

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The number 1 must have at a children’s birthday party is a BIRTHDAY CAKE. Who doesn’t love a Birthday Cake with candles? Children of all ages love blowing out the candles, usually more than once. At a recent 3-year-old party the candles were lite and blown out about 15 times until every child had had a turn.

Making your own children’s Birthday Cake can be very rewarding. There are lots of birthday cake books and magazines available, but my favourite is the “The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book”. I made cakes from this book for my children, the oldest of which is now 43, so it’s stood the test of time. It’s fun to sit down with your birthday child and let them go through the book and choose their own design. If you’re anything like me, once they have chosen the most complicated design in the book, you’ll try to convince them to have the number with the Smarties on top.

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If you’re not a cook, use a packet cake mix and your half way there, then go to  for some customised cake toppers. If you’re not fussy about the end result, let the kids help you decorate it.

If you’re fussy, perhaps leave the job of cake making to the professionals.

Check out ,


And if you are looking for a cupcake tower, try


Happy cake decorating! 🎂

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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