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The Food – 5 Essential Ingredients for a Children Birthday in Melbourne

Published by October 6, 2017

If you plan to cater yourself for your child’s birthday party, keep the food simple and wholesome, fresh fruit in the form of fruit kebabs, vege sticks and dip, homemade pizza, maybe some cupcakes, a few potato crisps and cheezles, a birthday cake and you are done. Prepare and freeze as much as possible beforehand and have some extra help on the day to prepare and serve.

Kids Birthday Party - Food

If your a working Mum with a family, you’ll have enough to do the planning and organising invitations, decorations, presents, and the entertainment, so you could do with some help with the catering. One option is to order in from a fast food store like Dominoes Pizza, Kentucky Fried, Macca’s or Chicken Treat. It is simple and cost effective. Pre-order, arrange a collection time, get hubby to go pick the food up, easy! And what kid doesn’t love fast food!!

Want to go a bit more upmarket, then check out the Internet for caterers specialising in children’s birthday party food. Try

However, I found that many professional caterers were offering little more than what I could do myself. For example, things like chicken nuggets, party pies, sausage rolls and pizza were often on the menus. Do your research and make sure the caterer you choose is providing homemade wholesome food, and not off the shelf, supermarket food. Check how it’s delivered and presented too. Individual party boxes for each child works really well, it’s neat and tidy, usually with not much food left over and the children can take what they don’t eat home with them.


With many children with food allergies these days, expect that some of your invited guests may have special dietary requirements. Some parents will provide food for their child while others will expect you to cater for their needs. Either way, be prepared by finding out before the party. Gluten free or celiac, diabetic, nut allergies, lactose intolerant, shellfish allergies are some of the more common ones but the list of allergies is endless, and can make catering a minefield!

My advice, the KISS principle, “keep it simple stupid”. Visit the GymBus website for more details on planning a Birthday Party and organizing the Entertainment.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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