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5 Essential Ingredients for a Children’s Birthday Party in Perth – No 4 Presents

Published by August 29, 2017

Do we really need to take a gift to a children’s birthday party that will be thrown into the toy box with all the other useless gifts. Or worse, thrown into the rubbish bin after the party or when it breaks the next day. Then there are the piles of packaging and gift-wrapping to dispose of.


The short answer is – yes! Firstly taking a gift is showing appreciation for being invited and secondly, acknowledging that a lot of time, effort and expense has gone into organising the party. The rule is “I will feed and entertain your child for a couple of hours – you bring a present.

While we know the type of gifts our own children want, coming up with gift ideas for someone else’s child is another story. Often we don’t know the family that well and perhaps don’t feel comfortable asking what the birthday child might like. There’s always the possibility the parent might suggest something out of your price range. Coming up with a gift that’s quirky, fun and unusual is not as easy as you think. It will require some thought and expense.

There is a tendency these days to think most children have plenty of everything, over-indulged perhaps. Your child may be invited to a “No presents” party, or “is it Ok to donate your gift to charity” or worse, the children’s birthday party that comes with a “gift registry”.

My suggestion is to ignore the present requests, take YOUR child who has been invited to the party with you to a toy store or look online and buy a gift that THEY would like. Buy some nice wrapping paper, add some decoration, go to a bit of trouble. Here are a few well know companies to start your search, Redballoon. Kmart and ToysRus

Oh and make sure you take a present from each guest who attends, and not one present between 2 siblings!!

Happy gift hunting!

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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