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Themes for Girls Birthday Parties

Published by March 13, 2019
Themes for Girls Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday celebration with theme could be confusing sometimes, due to the number of topics to pick from. Here are some themes for girls birthday parties


Your baby girl is unique to you, and so is her birthday so why don’t you arrange a birthday celebration for her that she will cherish all of her life. We’ve got some wonderful party theme ideas for a birthday party with a blast.

Barbie Party

Barbie Party

  • Since most girls love Barbie, this is such an amazing theme to try.
  • Decorations include Barbie posters, dolls, balloons with Barbie print, and cut-outs.
  • The outfit of the celebrant should be a customized Barbie doll dress.
  • Ask all the guest to wear something with Barbie print in it.
  • Make a customized Barbie cake.

Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party

  • Blue and sea green colors must be around the venue.
  • You could hang shells and mermaid posters for the decoration.
  • There is already ready-made mermaid dress which could be used by the celebrant.
  • Give stationaries with mermaid prints or painted shells as party favors or giveaways.
  • Incorporate some DIY crafts and arts like painting a shell.


Rainbow Party

  • This gives excitement and so much fun with different colors which in turn reflects happiness.
  • Decorate the venue with flowers and balloons using all the colors of a rainbow.
  • All things in the party like spoon, fork, plate, and glass must be in different color.
  • Coloring book and paint are among the things you can incorporate as party favor or giveaways.

Fairy Party

Fairy Party

  • Everybody in their own lives has hoped for a fairy to change their own lives by magic.
  • Fairy and butterfly posters and cutouts are perfect as the decorations.
  • Incorporate a wing made of paper to the dress of the celebrant. With fairy wand as an accent.
  • Place a fairy cut out into cakes and cupcakes.
  • Give fairy or star wands or tiaras to the visitors.

Pink Party

All Pink Party

  • There’s not any surprise in that women love pink, therefore why don’t you paint the home pink on her own birthday.
  • This motif is a simple and fantastic selection for your girl’s birthday.
  • Decorate the venue with pink flowers, ribbons, and balloons.
  • Foods or snacks like cupcakes, jellies, candies, and cake must be in pink.
  • Have your little girl dressed in a pink gown.
  • You could give personalized hats, t-shirts, and mugs to the guests. All in pink color.

We have seen a lot of fantastic birthday celebration ideas for girls. Some are conventional although some have expanded our thoughts of what a girl party ought to be. Should you require party inspiration for your little woman in your life, look and use your research skills. After all, it should aim one thing: to give a memorable birthday party your little girl will always cherish and remember all throughout her life. Be creative and spend time ahead to have that perfect celebration.

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