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Top 10 Birthday Party game ideas for kids in Sydney

Published by February 14, 2020

The games listed below will make your birthday celebration a hit without spending some cash on party games materials. These are perfect for kids of all ages and you can add some tricks to make them work for adults too.

1. Three-legged race

Have a pair of players, specifically, a parent and their child. Tie each pair’s inside legs. The pair has to race towards the finish line.

2. Limbo Game

Have each player pass under a stick by moving and bending forward while the music is playing. Lower the stick once the player pass it. The stick becomes too low for a player to pass without touching it.

3. Treasure dig

This is done by filling a plastic bin with sand. Put some toys under the sand. Kids can dig into it by using a shovel to find the treasures.

4. Pass the bag

Fill a large bag with clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, ties, and more. Let the kids form in a circle and pass the bag around as the music is playing. Once the music stops, the kid who is holding the bag must take something from it without looking and put it on. It is more exciting how kids will look like at the end of the game.

5. Eating doughnut

Hang some doughnuts using a string. Let the kids eat it and whoever eats the whole doughnut first is the winner.

6. Tissue paper fashion show

Give each player rolls of tissue paper and tape. Give them time to make an outfit on their own. Have them walk on the walkway after the given time. The judge could be the birthday celebrant.

7. Blind makeover

Have pair of kids to play this game and one player should be blindfolded. The blindfolded one will do the make up to the other’s face. They can then switch roles so both have makeovers.

8. Balloon Bat

Make a paddle by gluing a popsicle stick into a paper plate. Group the kids and each team should race to move the balloon to the finish line without touching the ground using the paddle.

9. Sleeping lions

The goal of this game is to remain while an adult or guest is moving around and perhaps telling jokes. Whoever giggles, laugh, or shows some movement is out of the game. The last one who stays the longest is the winner.

10. Kim’s game

Fill in a covered tray with objects like toy figures, to random items and have the kids look at it in few minutes. After covering the tray, the kids write down everything they saw. The winner is the one who remembers the most items.

In this way, pick your preferred games from the above choices and make a couple of adjustments for your kid’s party theme. Ensure you have a lot of little prizes and sweets to hand, and you will have the bets party ever and have the option to catch loads of amazing smiles.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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