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Published by November 11, 2013


It takes a special person to know just what a child wants. It is even more difficult to know this in advance, organise an event around it, AND keep it a secret! There are after all, invitations to be sent out, and children are not famous for keeping secrets.

A really clever way to get around this, is to give out as much information as possible, but to have a really neat twist. For example, when Mr Fireman turns 7, let him know that a big red machine will come to his special party. On the day, have a very different kind of ?big red? turn up.

International acrobat, Miss 6 is mad about all things to do with her favourite sport. Arrange her special event; making sure she knows there will be special entertainers and equipment for her and all her friend to have fun doing what she loves most. Then arrange a GYMBUS party, where the whole indoor play centre is packed with child friendly gym equipment waiting for the acrobats to arrive.

What event have you transformed into something unexpected that has created an event or memory that everyone, not just the guest of honour will recall for the rest of their lives?

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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