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Week 5…. Move Your Kids Butts

Published by March 14, 2016
7 exercises in 7 Weeks


7 exercises in 7 Weeks

7 exercises in 7 Weeks

WEEK 5 by Sharon Beer-Korver Author


Full Sit-ups

  • Lie down on the mat and place your hands behind your head with the index finger at the base of the skull, look up at the sky/ceiling and have your knees bent in towards your buttocks.
  • Raise your upper body until your chest is nearly touching your knees and come back down again. Breathe in on the way up and out on the way down.


7 exercises in 7 Weeks

Start Position

7 Exercises in 7 Weeks

Second Position

7 Exercises in 7 weeks

Finish Position

Back Extensions

  • Lie down on the mat to start off with face down with your feet flat on the floor or mat. The children/students need to place their hands under their chins and with the palms facing down and elbows should be stuck out to the side like wings.
  • We are then going to bring our head and chest up off the mat so our shoulders are raised breathing in on the way up and out on the way down. We end up in the same starting position with face down and palms flat in a relaxed position.
  • The children should be able to feel this through their entire back especially in the middle to lower part of their backs. Just ensure that no children are coming up too high and they are looking straight ahead at all times and not towards the ceiling or sky as this may aggravate their necks.
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  • Start Position
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  • Second Position back to Start


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