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WEEK 6….. Move Your Kids Butts

Published by March 21, 2016
7 exercises in 7 Weeks


7 exercises in 7 Weeks

7 exercises in 7 weeks

WEEK 6 by Sharon Beer-Korver Author


After Completion of Circuit Twice move on to Balancing

Have all the children in a circle and they can try balancing on their right leg first for a time-frame of 15 seconds, then have children take their leg to the side for 15 seconds, then to the back for a further 15 seconds. Some children will find this relatively easy but a lot will find it hard. Continue with the opposite leg and see how the kids go. If they all succeed and you have time move on to 30 seconds in each position on each leg that is a real killer but great for balancing skills and strength.


Kids in Perth                  Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.20.23 am


Forward Leg Balance                     Back Leg Balance

Position                                             Position

Honey Lovely Honey! Honey may be effective against superbugs a study suggests In NZ. Not only can honey stop common bacteria attaching to the infecting wounds, it could also make bugs more vulnerable to antibiotics and reverse the resistance. Honey always has been said to be a nature antibiotic and kids love

“Here’s a challenge:


This week’s challenge can be for the whole family:

Every morning Monday to Friday let’s have everyone up at 6.30am to start the day with a walk, run, bike ride, swim, exercises. I want you all to try your best to participate in this for a 15-20 minute period. I know how hard this will be at first dragging yourselves out of bed and I can see you cringing and saying do I really have to, yes is the answer just give it a go!

You all should feel an increase in your energy levels, feel happier as you start your day, appear to achieve more with your tasks than you had before. The kids should feel that they are more alert and focused at school and feel happy within themselves!

They will feel healthier, fitter and have good energy levels to deal with their day to day activities in a positive way.


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