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Correcting Movement Maps to Eliminate Fear and Increase Sporting Ability in Primary School Children

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    EdGym for Schools

    Our unique teaching methods fast track children’s learning and understanding of movement. We teach the correct movement maps for all the different shapes, direction and speed need to move efficiently. These maps are photocopied and store in the children’s library (memory) for use either in conscious or subconscious movement.  The maps we create eliminate fear in ALL children, and allow acceleration for skills development needed for life and the enjoyment of all varieties of sports. This program is conducted on 10 stations of modified gymnastics equipment. The equipment is transported to the school in small trucks and set up circuit style in an undercover area, or outdoors in suitable weather. The EdGym program helps children to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and GROW.

    GymBus Gymnastics for Schools

    GymBus Gymnastics is also an educational gymnastics program, BUT the program is conducted inside a double decker bus. The floors and walls are padded and carpeted for safety and comfort. The roomy interior has two foam pits, rolling wedges, parallel bars, horizontal bars, handstand stations, roman rings, swinging ropes, climbing ladders, a maze of tunnels linking two levels, and even a slide.

    This unique program is suitable for schools with no undercover area or little or no playing area such as inner city or new schools. GYMBUS GYMNASTICS has a strong focus on upper body strength and encourages a high level of participation from even the less physical students.

    Enquire now or Call 0429 770 277 so we can design your school’s GymBus or Gymnastics Lessons now!

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    Frequently asked questions about our gymnastics programs


    What happens if it is raining?

    Rain hail or shine, the GymBus continues as normal.

    Bus access to my house/venue?

    The Bus is 4.3m high, approx 2.5 car lengths and about a garbage truck wide. Very low hanging trees or wires may restrict our access. We can park in most Streets/Roads/Cul de Sacs and even one way streets, so long as there are no parking restrictions. Any concerns please call our office 0429 770 277.

    How many children can go on the GymBus at one time?

    For events with large numbers, 30 children of similar ages will enter the GymBus for set periods of free play, usually 10 mins.

    Who will monitor the children going on and off the GymBus?

    Our entertainers are very experienced and will supervise the children as they enter and leave the Gymbus. Children under 3 yrs. may need parent supervision.

    Do you need power?

    Only if we need to run the air conditioning units on really hot days or to run lights for night-time events.

    Is it safe?

    Yes, the interior of the GymBus is carpeted and foam padded, window openings are restricted and equipment is regularly checked. However, as with all play equipment, there is some risk of injury.

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    Note: Venue needs a fixed location
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