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5 Essentials for Children’s Birthday Parties in Perth

Published by July 28, 2017
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5 Party Essentials for Children’s Birthday Parties in Perth

  1. FOOD –  Party food for a children’s party does not have to be elaborate. In fact, I believe many party planners are more concerned with impressing the parents, rather than the children. Try shopping online with Coles or Woolworths and having the party food delivered. You can fancy it up with some personal touches if you have time. An even easier option is to contact a business that specialises in providing children’s party food like

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  1. THE BIRTHDAY CAKE –  Kids of all ages love blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. There is something magical about the process. Make your own with lashings of sugary icing and covered in smarties, or order something more sophisticated from somewhere like in Leederville or  in Inglewood.

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  1. PARTY DECORATIONS help create a special atmosphere using themes like “Frozen” or “Spider-Man” for cups, plates, serviettes and tablecloths. How far you take decorations is only limited by your budget or your imagination. Spotlight has cheap helium balloons and decorations, or try a specialty party supplier such as


  1. PRESENTS are the most exciting part of a birthday celebration. Think outside the box and go for something entertaining and adventurous, and preferably one that will last longer than the day of the party. It can pay to source your gifts from an online supplier for gifts for kids like


  1. ENTERTAINMENT these days is almost mandatory for time poor cashed up Mums. A standard 2 hours party, is divided up into 30 minutes meet and greet, 1 hour of entertainment, 30 minutes for food and birthday cake and it’s all over bar the cleaning up! GymBus is my personal favourite. It parks out the front of your house, entertains the kids with games and activities, which gets them out of the house and gives Mum chance to prepare the food etc. Book online at for most Perth suburbs.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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