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Food Ideas for Kids Parties

Published by August 5, 2014
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Birthday food is an integral part of a birthday party, and can be used to ensure that the kids have the maximum amount of fun. Before making a birthday party menu, consider the allergies and dietary restrictions, serve foods that are familiar to the kids, keep with the theme of the party, engage the kids in making their own foods and make it finger friendly (fun and keeps the younger ones away from silverware). The following are some excellent kids party ideas  to ensure you have a menu the kids will love.

Hot dogs

This is a simple and inexpensive option for your kid’s birthday party. It also allows you to offer a vegetarian option for the vegan kids. You can make serving this dish fun by setting up a hot dog bar, and put out the mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise for the children to fill to their liking. Mix it up with other food items for to add to the hot dogs like chopped onion, coleslaw, cheese etc.

Veggie dips

Chopped up carrots, celery, tomatoes and broccoli can be a hit at a birthday party by pairing them with dips like peanut butter and even yoghurt dip.

Kid?s tacos bar

Tacos are a cheap option and are easy to make, so you can get the kids involved. Set up a taco bar, with a lot of taco shells, taco topping (lettuce, cheese) and meat such as ground beef, chipotle turkey or even pork. You can also provide some vegan options.

Caramel Apple sticks

You can make a twist on the traditional caramel apple by slicing the apples, placing them on sticks, dipping them into caramel an adding some chocolate sauce on top.

Pizza fanatics

Kids love pizzas so you can buy them in bulk and get a good discount from your local pizza place. If you want to make them yourself you can buy the dough and then make the pizzas fun to make by allowing the kids to be involved in making the pizzas.

Ice cream

Setting up an ice cream Sundae bar is easy and it will be a hit. Buy large ice cream tubs, some ice cream syrup and for health purposes?cut up some fruits like cherries, berries and pineapples on the ice cream, save up on the cones by using your own bowls and spoons.


Sandwiches are very familiar, so the younger kids will be more drawn to them, they also provide for a pocket friendly food menu option. Using cookie cutters shape the bread into fun shapes that will attract the kids.

Mac and cheese

This has never failed as a crowd pleaser and you can make it more healthy option by using whole wheat elbow macaroni, grated cheddar cheese, (low calorie, low sodium) butter and skim milk.

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