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Hassle free Children birthday party planner

BIG PLANS – WASH HANDS –  celebrate  your child’s up and coming birthday in a controlled environment. Unlike play centres and multi-use venues, GymBus has one party at a time with small groups, making it much easier to control hygiene. 

NUMBER OF GUESTS – Discuss with your child, and decide how many guests to invite to the birthday party, allowing for siblings and relatives, to be taken into account: NOTE: small parties are just as much fun with less catering, less work, and less mess.

  • The GymBus will take a maximum of 28. However, we recommend a maximum of 26 for the quality of service. If you exceed 28, then the party will have to be split up into two groups, sharing the available time. Please contact the office on 0429 770 277 for the best options for parties with more than 28 guests.
  • The size of your house, and the eating and playing area.
  • Send the invitations out allowing enough time to RSVP, and for you to make any adjustments for catering etc.

TIME  GymBus birthday parties are normally 1hr of exhausting entertainment.  Have the guests arrive at least 15 minutes before the bus. This allows for latecomers, present opening, general welcoming as well as chatty parents. When deciding on a time consider the age of the children. Younger children respond better to an early part of the day. Advise your guests the time the GymBus will be coming and to wear appropriate play clothes. Allow 30-45 minutes at the end for the party food and birthday cake. A total of 2 hours from start to finish, works best for most ages.

Please note that the GymBus can be up to 15 minutes late depending on traffic and weather conditions. In this instance, we will still stay for the full 1 hour or 1.5 hours (depending on what you have booked). If we are running late we will advise you of our estimated time of arrival.

VENUE  If you’re planning your party at home.

  • Put up signs to direct arriving guests to the party area.
  • Close the doors to, Off Limits, rooms inside and outside the house.
  • Set up an eating area outside, undercover in case of rain. If you do not have an undercover area and have to move inside, try to avoid carpeted areas.

PARKING THE GYMBUS  Consider the following when choosing a parking spot for the Gymbus:

  • It?s 10m long X 2.5m wide X 4.4m high
  • It weighs over 10 ton.
  • Watch out for overhanging trees, low wires and neighbours!
  • The GymBus needs a wide turning circle.
  • It is not suitable to park the GymBus on brick paving or driveways.

We recommend that the Gymbus parks on the street outside your house. If your street is busy, a park is always a great alternative, perhaps the local school or a hall. Ensure GymBus has your mobile number so we can contact you anywhere. Arrange for the parents to drop guests off at least 15 minutes before the Gymbus, and move cars away from the GymBus parking area. It is a good idea to park your own cars where you want the GymBus and move them when the GymBus arrives. Balloons on the letterbox or nearby tree will assist us and your guests locate you.


Your childs birthday party is not considered confirmed unless full payment has been made at the time of booking. Please check the date and time on your confirmation. As the children arrive, have a drink and perhaps some fruit for them to snack on while they wait for the GymBus and other guests. Have a couple of birthday party games prepared to fill in time if needed. Ensure the space you have allowed for the GymBus is clear- section it off if necessary. Set up a present table, as the gifts arrive, put them on the table, either to be opened later or for safe keeping.  Wet ones come in very handy, especially for younger children and a big bag for the presents if your childs birthday party is not at home.  We recommend that no party food be served while the GymBus activities are in progress. Having the main meal afterwards is preferable for the children as the activities are very physical.  If it is raining, have an umbrella and some old towels handy.

BOOKING ALTERATIONS  Cancelling, altering or rescheduling a booking within 48 hours of the event date will result in a forfeit of 50% of the total cost. At all other times, a $75.00 charge will apply.

EXTRA GUESTS – If you have extra guests please contact the office on 0429 770 277 or talk to the driver on the day to help restructure your party.

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What you need to know:

  • Credit or Debit Cards accepted
  • Capacity for up to 26 kids
  • Online bookings for weekends only

Note: Venue needs a fixed location (ie 10 Smith St Darch)


Note: Venue needs a fixed location
ie 10 Smith St Darch.

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