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Safety Standards

The Management of GymBus and EdGym is committed to providing a safe environment through ensuring all vehicles and equipment being used are safe, well maintained and used according to their design and purpose. This will be achieved by :

  1. Carrying out regular equipment and vehicle safety checks
  2. Implementing a regular equipment and vehicle check, maintenance and replacement scheme.
  3. Providing appropriate training to employees on the correct set-up, use and storage of equipment and vehicles.

Equipment maintenance for GymBus and EdGym includes the following:

  • Apparatus must be appropriately arranged to allow for safe landings (spaced to allow for falls)  Apparatus must be arranged so as to avoid students crossing the path of other participants
  • Apparatus must be correctly assembled
  • Matting should be sufficient for the activities to be performed and be in position to minimise risk of injury
  • All metal equipment must be checked regularly for loose connections, rusty parts, faulty joints and condition of supports and springs
  • All wooden equipment must be checked for loose screws and bolts, warping, splitting, splintering, rough edges, faulty joints and instability
  • Mats and carpeted areas must be checked regularly for torn materials, frayed edges, and worn and uneven surfaces
  • All ropes and ladders must be checked regularly for fraying and rotting
  • Faulty equipment must be removed from use or action taken to repair it.
  • Extra care must be taken when moving large and/or heavy items of equipment with a minimum of 2 adults to each heavy item.

Coaches, drivers and entertainers must:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Provide safety instruction prior to each event, class or rotation
  • Ensure activities are safe for the students level of ability
  • Progressive and sequential skill development
  • Challenge the students and participants to progress and achieve a higher level of ability

Vehicle maintenance for GymBus and EdGym must include the following:

  • Daily Safety Inspection: The driver responsible for the vehicle for that shift must show that vehicle is checked daily for the safety features listed in the daily safety checklist.
  • Defect Reporting: The responsible driver must ensure that all defects are recorded, reported to the person responsible for the repair, and recorded as repaired when the defect is complete.
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection The must show that all vehicles undergo a regular vehicle safety inspections at 10,000 km or 3 months (whichever occurs first).
  • Audit Procedure At intervals specified in the Vehicle Maintenance Program the EdGym and/or GymBus manager needs to conduct a random check on the process to ensure that all procedures have been carried out correctly.
  • Responsibility The EdGym and/or GymBus manager must define the responsibility and authority of all personnel who manage, maintain, drive or verify work affecting the operation of each EdGym and GymBus vehicle.

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Note: Venue needs a fixed location
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