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Kids Parties in Perth on the GymBus

Published by February 9, 2016
Kids Parties

GymBus Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties on the GymBus are always remembered, because we always make it SPECIAL!

Kids have been going crazy over the GymBus for over 20 years. To this day we still have adults coming up to us remembering the fun they had on the bus as kids and they are memories, your kids will never forget.

Kids Birthday Parties on the GymBus are always remembered because we always make each party uniquely special. Kids have been going crazy over the GymBus for nearly 25 years. We now have adults coming up to us remembering the fun they had on the GymBus as kids. Aren’t they the kind of memories you want to give your kids, a birthday party they will never forget and will still be talking about with their children!

What is The GymBus?

The GymBus is a Play Centre built inside a Double Decker Bus, which comes to your home or venue. There are tunnels, a fireman’s pole and ladders linking the top and bottom levels to make movement from one level to the other easy and fun. The foam pits make landings safe and fun, and the funky music and lively entertainers will keep the kids climbing rolling swinging and hanging, totally energized.

The GymBus is literally a gymnasium inside a double decker bus, or to put it another way, an indoor Play Centre on wheels.

Planning your School Fete in Perth

Where can it Go?

The GymBus is the perfect entertainment if you plan to have your party at home. Lots of Mums and Dads are happy to prepare the food, but would rather have someone experienced take care of the entertainment. At home all you need is a place to park about the same length as 2 cars, and no low trees or wires.

A driveway is a possibility but we don’t normally recommend it because the GymBus weighs 10 tons and is 4.3 metres high, so on the road in front of your house is the best location. The GymBus has only 1 door at the front for entry and exit so the entertainer can monitor the children. Not they will want to get off, they will be having so much fun.

Maybe you’re planning a party at your local park. This is another good venue to have the GymBus. Just check it out before hand and pick a location where the GymBus can park close with access to toilets, some shade, and maybe a picnic table or BBQ. The GymBus can also meet you at a restaurant, a playgroup, in fact any venue with parking for a double decker GymBus.

What Ages is it best for.

The GymBus is suitable for both boys and girls aged between 3 to 12 years and is a brilliant way to promote active healthy kids by combining exercise with fun in a stimulating environment. The entertainers will arrange games and activities interspersed with free play for about an hour. It can be structured, unstructured or a combination of both depending on the needs of each individual group. 15 is an ideal number for any birthday party, however the GymBus can take up to 26 children at one time.

How Do I Book

Because we like to make each party just a little bit different, give the experienced GymBus staff a call to discuss your needs. That way, you can be sure everything will be exactly how you and your birthday child want it. You will need to call if you want a mid- week party.

The GymBus website has all the information you need to book a weekend party online, and a simple 3 step booking process.

  1. Enter your name, address and the date of the party,
  2. Choose your time from the available timeslots,
  3. Pay securely online

Go ahead and book your party of a lifetime with the GymBus.

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This post was written by Grant Carlyon


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